This ‘n that

Tried calling Bob a couple times yesterday — on both his landline and cell phone — no answer, and I can’t even leave a voice mail as his mailbox is “full”. Stranger still, his cell phone number now dumps into his landline voice mail, and he has never had it set up that way before.

John and I both think either he’s avoiding people due to his illness, or else has been admitted to a hospital somewhere.

I sent him a text message this afternoon, and it didn’t “bounce” back to me as far as I can tell, but I have not heard back.

All I said in the text was, “Tried to call you but can’t leave message. Hope you’re all right.”


The one day in a long while when I actually had to travel — to Metro to pick up some prescription refills, and it’s eight miles away and I have to take two buses — John texts me, in the middle of the afternoon, and asks me to shovel the snow on the sidewalk in front of the house.

He “forgot” to ask me earlier. I could’ve done it this morning.

It’s not done yet. I had made plans for the entire day, and his last-minute request pretty much messed up my mood.

We’re currently having a thaw — today, tonight, and tomorrow — and the snow is all going to melt anyway (it’s only a couple inches). Especially with the rain in the forecast tomorrow. But John says, no, it has to be shoveled, because it’ll thaw and then later turn to ice if not.

Well, with tomorrow’s rain, and then tomorrow night falling temps and rain changing to snow, there’s going to be ice anyway.

Maybe I’ll shovel tomorrow morning.