The cat is out of the bag.

Yesterday afternoon, quite by accident — I was caught off guard — I met John’s landlords. They now know I’m living there — “staying with John temporarily” is how I spun it — and that I have my own set of keys. It didn’t appear to be a problem for them the way John thought it would. The husband-and-wife team both appear to be very personable, which was a surprise to me given the way John often talks about them.

John wasn’t home, and they needed me to go down the back stairway (off John’s kitchen) so I could unlock the outside back door from the inside. They needed to get into the new downstairs neighbor’s suite as she wasn’t home and her smoke detector was going off for no apparent reason. So I had to step over piles of crap in the dining room and kitchen so I could make my way down the back stairway.

The wife has left notes for John concerning the bad smell coming from his kitchen — which he didn’t do anything about except for spraying some air freshener now and then — and she mentioned it again, this time to me. She wanted me to “sneak” into the kitchen sometime when John isn’t home and take out the garbage, clean the fridge, etc. I simply replied I’d talk to John and see what I could do. (John doesn’t want me “touching” anything, and he’s too “depressed”, so he says, to do anything himself.)

I didn’t mention that I strongly suspect there’s another dead mouse decomposing somewhere in there, perhaps behind the stove or somewhere. I didn’t have them come up to John’s suite, and fortunately for me, they didn’t appear interested in doing so.

So now the cat is out of the bag. I told John this morning, and he took it pretty well, as far as I could tell. But he thinks Mrs. Landlord is “crazy” and that she only “thinks” she smells something from the bottom of the back stairway.

This morning she left a note for John at his front door, along with a bottle of bleach.


In other news, we got our first real snow of the season this morning. Incredibly later than is typical. We’ve been having a very mild fall and winter so far, but this week’s forecast is promising bitter cold through Friday at least. I’m so glad John finally decided to haul a couple of space heaters out of storage and have them running. It’s still chilly in there, but more tolerable than it was before.