As I still do not have access to a working refrigerator, and I must drink milk, I only buy whatever amount I can consume immediately. Sometimes I drink one pint at a time, sometimes I drink one quart at a time.

The cheapest quart of milk I’ve found at all the stores around here is at Marc’s, where it costs $1.50.

Today they were out of all but skim, however, and I wanted a quart of whole milk.

I was going to just buy a pint (99 cents) and make do, but I got annoyed waiting in line too long, and was mad because they didn’t have what I really wanted, so I left the checkout line, put the pint of milk back on the shelf, and walked out.

Several hours later, I looked at milk prices at Drug Mart, right across the street from the library where I had just spent some time. Too high.

But then something caught my eye. On a bottom shelf, there were a couple quarts of milk for just 99 cents each!

Apparently they had been marked down because they had reached the “Sell By” date. I bought one. Enjoyed it while sitting on a nearby park bench. It still tasted quite fresh.

So a small event that appeared to be bad (Marc’s being out of quart milk) turned out to be good, because I unexpectedly found a better deal somewhere else!

I love when the Universe does me little favors like that.


In other news, we’ve been having extremely mild weather here. It was a record-smashing 68 degrees in Cleveland today.

I’m loving this El Niño.