The Amityville Horror House

Take a look at this photo of the Amityville Horror House:

Now take a look at a photo of the house I’m currently living in:

The resemblance is uncanny, isn’t it?

My Little House of Horrors still has piles and piles of crap everywhere, no heat, no hot water, and no currently usable stove or refrigerator.

I take it back — there is heat now, in the bathroom only, in the form of a space heater. Now that the temperature sometimes dips below freezing, it’s there, always running, to prevent the water pipes from freezing and bursting.

But John insists that the bathroom door be kept closed at all times, so it’s still freezing cold in the rest of the house. Besides which, the day bed I’m sleeping on gets drafts from the nearby window located just inches from my feet.

Maybe I should sleep in the damned bathtub.

And now the unit downstairs has been vacated by the most recent tenant — she moved to Columbus for work reasons — so the landlord and his crew are busy renovating the place for the next tenant. John insists that I have to watch my comings and goings so the landlord doesn’t see me. He never told the landlord I was moving in, and he’s afraid if the landlord finds out, his rent will be raised. So now I can’t even access my own home sometimes. Friday evening John wanted me to remain “out and about” until the crew stopped working and left. Which didn’t happen until after 1:00 a.m., and I sneaked in anyway. Pfffft!

My life kinda sucks right now, although I’m trying hard to maintain a positive attitude the best I can, and treat it all as an adventure. But it’s not always easy.