Just received shocking news….

Found out through a mutual friend on Facebook that a former friend of mine, Rich, passed away yesterday from cancer. He was only 61.

I say “former friend” because he was someone I hung out with for about a year or so around 1990-1991, after which we had a falling out. I don’t want to go into details, but he betrayed me in what I thought was a terrible way, and I abruptly ended the friendship with him. In mid-1992 he phoned me and wanted to “let bygones be bygones”, and I did agree to meet with him for “coffee” at a mall food court and talk, during which I finally told him off for his misdeeds, which I hadn’t had a chance (or maybe the courage) to do earlier. I really let him have it. He was fighting back tears when I abruptly walked out of that meeting.

We never spoke again.

Since then, I’ve heard about his doings every once in a while through another mutual friend, including the fact that he was a contestant on Jeopardy! some years back, for which he had been trying for a long time. I never saw the episode of the show he was on… looked for it online unsuccessfully.

He was a computer operator for a bank back when I knew him. I heard more recently that he had ended up working in music production.

Although I am now shocked and saddened at hearing of his death, I find I don’t feel any regrets whatsoever at not ever reconciling with him. I’m just numbed.