Art and Coffee (or in my case, Green Mint Tea)

Last night Jim S. and I attended a gallery hop. It was at an old warehouse on West 78th Street, north of Lake Avenue, that now houses an entire slew of art galleries on three floors. We wandered from gallery to gallery, taking in various works of art, and rubbing elbows with some sophisticated Clevelanders.

We got there a little after 7 pm, and by 9 it was closing time and we still hadn’t seen everything. Jim remarked that the place is “like a big art museum”.

Afterward we stopped at Gypsy in Gordon Square for coffee and chatted for awhile. We ended up closing the place down.

It was a good time with an old friend, and lifted my spirits quite a bit. I’ve been rather down in the dumps over my current living situation, and this outing helped a lot.