Living with a hoarder…

I’m thinking John is afflicted with some sort of mental disorder.

I’ve never seen someone with so many different cleaning supplies and products scattered about… and redundant too, like three different kinds of toilet bowl cleaner, at least two different kinds of glass cleaner, the list goes on… and yet with such a filthy house.

Not only is he a hoarder and a packrat… I’m now sensing he’s a compulsive spender, too. He has a need to accumulate, accumulate, accumulate… more and more junk.

He’s completely forgetful and disorganized… he has no idea where he put the shower curtain liner he bought just a few weeks ago (I was with him on that shopping excursion)… and now he has no idea where he put the Claritin he purchased at the drugstore just last night. Sheesh!

He was making some steady progress toward cleaning up his apartment… but all that came to an abrupt halt two weeks ago this past Thursday, and he’s done nothing since. All he does night after night when he comes home from work is sit on his ass, either fooling around on his laptop and/or iPhone with Grindr or those mindless, time-wasting computer games, or else watching TV. Plus he sleeps way too much. Saturday he didn’t get up until 4:30 in the afternoon.

He claims it’s because his back is bothering him. And now his sinuses are acting up too, he says. But I wonder how much of it is just an excuse… a way of getting out of facing what needs to be done and tackling it.

And he’s obsessed with this guy he met at bowling sometime back… they hit it off and made a dinner date, then the guy stood him up and never explained, never apologized… and that’s all I ever hear about.

He needs to put down the computer, get off his duff, and finish putting his house in order. All that dating stuff can wait.

I have no privacy at night… have to sleep in the living room with him… him on the futon and me on the day bed, which is getting uncomfortable… and I can’t sleep because he snores quite loudly and makes all these disgusting noises when he does. Both bedrooms are currently off limits as they’re jam-packed with piles of junk, and even the doorways are blocked with more piles of junk.

And the kitchen is still off limits… no stove, no operating refrigerator… and there is still no heat or hot water, and the cold weather months are fast approaching. His landlord needs to install a new hot water heater in the basement, but insists the gas needs to be turned back on first, which John won’t do until the house is cleaned up. Landlord works for the gas company and might want to come in and snoop around, or some story like that.

My patience is wearing thin…