An embarrassing moment.

Imagine you’re twenty years behind the times, you just got your first cellphone, and you’re still very clumsy using the Text Message feature.

Now imagine your friend has just sent you three texts in rapid succession, and you’re struggling to read them and reply, but are too slow.

And now imagine that, while reading one of the messages of a very personal nature, your finger slips and hits a wrong button, and a voice begins, rather loudly, to read your message to you, and it contains the phrase “hearing from hot guys on Grindr”.

And this happens while you’re in a communal part of the hostel where you’re staying, and there are other people around, within earshot!

And you’re so embarrassed you try to quickly close the phone so the voice will shut up, and you almost drop the thing in the process!

That was a funny moment that happened to me this evening, which at the time didn’t seem so funny.

Sometimes my life is a soap opera. But sometimes it’s a sitcom.

1 thought on “An embarrassing moment.”

  1. Sorry, but I had to laugh. I had a similar instance several years ago when I was issued a company phone with a walkie-talkie feature. I’d just gotten the phone that morning and was standing in a fast food line with a coworker when a string of very rude, very loud noises starts coming from my hip area. The entire place went dead silent and everyone was staring at me and I could NOT for the life of me turn the sound down. My coworker was in hysterics, laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe because it was one of our other coworkers who was sending me the message knowing full well where I was. 12 years later and my cheeks still burn when I think about it

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