Greetings from Cleveland!

Greetings from beautiful Cleveland! I just checked into The Cleveland Hostel in historic Ohio City — the nabe where I was mostly raised. My bus was one hour late getting into town… morning rush-hour traffic was bumper to bumper on I-90 all the way in from the Cuyahoga County line. I never knew Cleveland to have traffic that bad. Reminded me of the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago.

Carrying my luggage was grueling. Two suitcases with all the clothes I own that I didn’t toss out or put into storage, all my toiletries, my many bottles of medications plus diabetic testing supplies, my laptop computer, plus about seven books that I refuse to be without. Oh, and my black leather jacket plus hats and gloves for when the cold weather sets in… which seems so far away right now because it’s shaping up to be a hot, muggy week.

I’m exhausted. And benumbed. It hasn’t truly hit me yet that I’ve suddenly left Chicago and moved back “home”. I think I’m not allowing myself to truly feel right now because it would be unbearable if I did. I wasn’t psychologically ready to make this move.