Moving Update

Almost all of my stuff is already in storage, except for my sofa, bed, TV, this laptop, one small desk, one credenza, and two barstools. Oh, and the piano.

I’m actually loving the look of my near-empty apartment, and feasting my eyes on my bare blond-wood floors. I should’ve lived this way all along — very minimalist.

I’ve gone through so much “stuff” this past week that I quite literally have a hatred for material things right about now. I’m thinking I don’t ever want to bog myself down again. The less “stuff”, the better. I should’ve burned everything.

I will be moving my physical body starting very late Monday evening. I’m catching a “Redeye” bus, which leaves Chicago just before midnight, and should be arriving in Cleveland early Tuesday morning.

I’ll be temporarily homeless. I’ll be staying at a hostel for ten days or so, sharing a room with six to eight other people, all strangers. Quite the adventure! During which time my friend John will be busy decluttering his home in preparation for my moving in with him for a while.