I saw Matthew at McDonald’s today for the first time since Saturday. I made no attempt to speak to him, and he didn’t need to try to avoid waiting on me either — but only because both times I went up to the counter, it worked out that it wasn’t his turn.

But the young woman who took my order today — she was the same young woman who, last week, told me Matthew didn’t want to talk to me — screwed up my order pretty badly. I told her I wanted a Double Cheeseburger with “no” onions and “no” pickle, and I know she heard me correctly because she repeated it back to me, but then she rang it up “only” onions and “only” pickle, the exact opposite of what I’d asked for. And that’s what I got.

I didn’t even notice the error until after I’d finished my fries and was ready to start on the sandwich, then I noticed what the wrapper label stated. And then I checked my receipt, same thing. When I went back up to the counter to get it fixed, I didn’t even try to hide my anger at the mistake — and I know Matthew noticed, because he was in the vicinity and looked over at me.

I was still stewing even after my order had been corrected and I had sat back down, and it kind of ruined the experience for me.

When I got home, I did one of those online surveys as indicated at the top of the receipt, and when answering the question as to why I was less than “satisfied” with my experience, I really let them have it Not just over the botched sandwich order, but also over “one particular crew member” (I didn’t name Matthew) who was refusing to wait on me, even though I had never treated him with anything but dignity and respect.

I also mentioned that I felt I might be experiencing discrimination based on “my (perceived) sexual orientation” and that it was making me uncomfortable.

I know from previous experience that this complaint will go all the way to the store manager, who reports directly to the franchise owner. I want to see if anything changes because of this. I’m just sick of being treated like a pariah just because of something I did that I see as completely innocent, totally innocuous.

Matthew won’t wait on me, and apparently no one else who works there is competent enough to do so. On other recent occasions, they’ve given me sweet tea after I asked for unsweet, and charged me for lemon when I’m supposed to get the first one free. It never ends.

I realize that Matthew is only 17, but at some point he’s going to have to grow up and learn how to handle these types of situations. Better sooner than later.

I’m going to be watching very closely how these people interact with me. And believe me, potential legal action is not out of the question.