I finally asked him out. (Well, sort of.)

I made sure to finagle it so that Matthew was the one who waited on me today. And I also pretended I’d forgotten all the details he’d given me Friday about the “Minion Mania” prize game McDonald’s is currently running, and made him go through it again.

“What’s the Grand Prize cash award again?” I asked him.

“A quarter million dollars,” Matthew replied.

“Tell you what,” I began, pointedly, “If I win the quarter million, I will take you out for a nice dinner.”

Matthew giggled a bit, perhaps out of nervousness, but replied, “I just might have to take you up on that!”

“Really, I will,” I said. “I’m not just saying that.”

“Even if I don’t win,” I continued, “I’ll still take you out to dinner… but it’ll have to be somewhere cheap.”

Chuckling, Matthew replied, “Like McDonald’s.”

“No, not McDonald’s,” I said. “Somewhere cheap, but nice.”

I proceeded to order a Big Mac, medium fries, and large unsweetened iced tea, “one lemon, light ice… you know what I get, Matthew,” and swiped my debit card.

A couple minutes later, as Matthew brought out my food and placed it on my tray, I said to him, “Seriously… I think we should hang out sometime.”

“All right,” he replied.

I wasn’t sure how to read his “All right” answer. His tone suggested he might possibly have only said it because he was caught off guard and just wanted to be polite. It was not at all clear to me whether or not he really meant it.

I’m thinking the kid is just shy, and was unsure how to respond to something he was not likely expecting… but this has been bothering me all day. I was nervous the whole time I was finally making an overture, and now I don’t know what his reply means.

For several weeks now I’ve been carrying a piece of paper around in my wallet on which I had written a note to him: “Call me!” Along with my first name, my phone number, and even my Facebook URL. I had not worked up the nerve to give it to him yet.

I might’ve given it to him today, but when I went up for my refill, he was nowhere to be found. And sitting around for quite awhile afterward, I never heard his voice again, nor saw him, so I’m thinking maybe his shift ended early today, and he’d left.

I’ve been waiting to do this for oh, so long… more than three months now… and now that I’ve done it I feel unsure about the whole thing. I can’t read Matthew’s true feelings about today’s exchange, and it’s driving me crazy.

At least he didn’t say No. So I am going to hold on to that.

I don’t know what days he’s working this coming week, so I’m not sure when our next encounter will be. Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t see him again today and had no opportunity to slip him my note. That might’ve been too much all at once and might’ve come on too strong. This way, it’ll give him a little time to digest my overture and maybe think it over.

More to come…