I found my glasses!

I had never worn the most recent pair, relying on contact lenses instead.

But last year, my contacts had become increasingly and consistently uncomfortable, to the point where I stopped wearing them completely.

Over the better part of the past year, my world has been one big blur. But I managed to adapt to that.

I had no idea where my glasses were. Hadn’t seen them since I moved into this apartment nearly eight years ago.

But last night, while rummaging in one of my closets looking for something else, I came across them — quite by accident!

One of the exercises in Rhonda Byrne’s book The Magic consists of creating a “Magical To-Do List”. You list the most important things you want done or problems you want solved, and then you imagine that each one has been done for you.

I didn’t even write anything down, but not very long ago I put forth the clear intention that my glasses would be found — and I imagined that it was done for me.

And last night it happened! Right out of the blue.

Yes, this pair of eyeglasses is 25 years old, and distance vision is somewhat “off”, but for reading printed material and the computer screen, they work great! No more having to stick my face within a few inches of my desired reading material.

They’re very thick coke-bottle glasses — my refractory errors are pretty extreme — but I took a “selfie” using my computer’s YouCam, and found that if I tilt my head a certain way, they don’t look bad at all. I even posted the selfie on my Facebook page as my new profile picture.

Thanks to the hipster crowd that has made wearing thick glasses “cool” again!