So after enthusiastically greeting me every day this week like a puppy dog wagging his tail, today all I got from Matthew was a generic “May I help you?” Just as if I were some stranger walking in off the street that he’d never seen before.

I was taken aback. Well, “hurt” is more like it.

I thought maybe today would be the day that I finally asked him out, but I just couldn’t dream of doing it under these circumstances.

I’ve been out of sorts over it all day.

It’s probably nothing. He was probably just preoccupied. A hectic day at work can sometimes do that to a person. I should know. I haven’t worked in nearly fifteen years, but I still have a memory of such days.

So maybe I’m overreacting.

I need to get out of this funk, and fast, because, according to the Law of Attraction, you can only attract things that are on the same frequency as the vibes you are giving off.

But today I just wanted to wallow in misery for a while.

We did get to talk — he gave me info about the prize game they’re currently running — and he did give me an extra lemon in my iced tea, although I’m not at all sure that was deliberate.

I hung around for quite awhile afterward, but didn’t get to interact with him again as they had him on drive-thru duty. Sigh.

I need to keep the faith and realize that my desire will manifest — indeed, is already manifesting before my eyes despite this apparent setback. What I desire already exists in the unseen, and I believe and know that it is so.