Count Your Blessings

I spent a good portion of the evening in a crappy mood. No real reason. Could’ve just been my faulty diet, too many carbs and not enough protein, whatever. I don’t seem to be as resilient as I was when I was younger. Nowadays I can get upset over some stupid little thing, and instead of snapping out of it in ten minutes, I can really stay in a funk for too long.

But a little while ago, even though I didn’t really feel like it, I made myself sit down at the computer, open up a blank document, and list ten blessings that I enjoyed during the course of my day, writing “Thank you” three times after each one. And you know what? Just going through this exercise made me feel better!

Out of the ten blessings, I chose the one that stood out as the best event of my day, and highlighted it in color.

It’s a variation on one of the gratitude exercises in Rhonda Byrne’s inspiring book, The Magic. The blessings you count can be big or small, it doesn’t matter.