Before My Very Eyes

Or, alternately, “Another Law of Attraction Story”.

One of the exercises in Rhonda Byrne’s wonderful book, The Magic, is titled “Before Your Very Eyes”, and it instructs the reader to write down his top ten desires that he would like to see fulfilled, and then meditate on each one individually for at least one minute, visualizing it as though it has already happened, and giving thanks for its manifestation. Ms. Byrne suggests keeping the list on one’s person wherever one goes, and taking it out and rereading it and repeating this exercise several times each day, whenever one has time.

If this exercise is performed consistently and faithfully, in time each desire, one by one, will manifest “before your very eyes”.

I have my list, and I do read through it and meditate on it from time to time, although admittedly nowhere near as often as I really should.

Still, one of my desires on the list is that Matthew and I become very warm, good, close friends, and I am literally seeing that one materialize “before my very eyes”.

Anyway, another desire on my list is to reconnect with several long-lost but cherished friends — people whom I haven’t seen in decades and have lost track of.

One of those long-lost friends is Joe M., an Italian stallion I knew from my childhood church who was about three or four years older than me, and who was like the big brother I never had.

And yes, I had something of a crush on him in those days. And he was the first man with whom I shared a warm, intimate hug, back on March 12, 1978. I was seventeen and he was twenty at the time. He had stayed with me after church one Sunday and kept me company while I practiced piano. We sat together on the piano bench, and he sang while I played.

Afterward, all I did was ask him to hold me in his arms — and he did!

The physical intimacy never went any further than that, however.

Last time I saw him was in November 1978, and we spoke briefly. In 1985 I heard from someone that he had married some woman named Debra — and that’s the last I ever heard of him.

Now I’m using the exercise from The Magic to try and reconnect with him. Only thing I want is to get caught up. He was such a warm, good friend all those years ago, and I just want to know how he’s doing and what direction his life has taken.

I have not been able to locate him. But tonight — quite by accident — I stumbled across his brother Frank on Facebook. I “liked” a profile picture of someone else from back in those days that appeared on my News Feed — and, to my surprise, I noticed that Frank had commented on it!

So, through this odd “coincidence”, it appears the Universe is giving me an opening. I’ll send Frank a message — hope he remembers me after all this time — maybe send him a Friend Request also — and hopefully I can ask him how I can get in touch with his brother Joe.

The way the Universe delivers is truly awesome!