Month: July 2015

It’s over.

I had only gotten the chance to interact with Matthew twice since I slipped him my phone number a week and a half ago. He was very cool toward me both times, and the other day it became obvious he was making a studied effort to avoid me. And today I found out something that …

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They’re putting Matthew on “Drive Thru” duty more and more, apparently, so I don’t get to interact with him as often now. I’ve only interacted with him twice since I slipped him my phone number nine days ago — and today it really took some doing — and he’s been rather cool toward me both …

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I did it.

I slipped Matthew my phone number today. So the ball’s in his court now. Again I said, “Let’s hang out sometime.” To which he replied “All right” in a very bland tone. So I’m not sure how he feels about it. We’ll see what happens.

I found my glasses!

I had never worn the most recent pair, relying on contact lenses instead. But last year, my contacts had become increasingly and consistently uncomfortable, to the point where I stopped wearing them completely. Over the better part of the past year, my world has been one big blur. But I managed to adapt to that. …

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So after enthusiastically greeting me every day this week like a puppy dog wagging his tail, today all I got from Matthew was a generic “May I help you?” Just as if I were some stranger walking in off the street that he’d never seen before. I was taken aback. Well, “hurt” is more like …

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Time for the next step.

It appears that Matthew is truly excited to see me whenever I show up now. His waves and greetings are becoming ever more enthusiastic. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve been taking it very slowly, but now it’s time for the next step. It’s imminent.


Did some digging online and found out that Joe’s brother Frank is a registered sex offender. Oh, my. Something about Gross Sexual Imposition. No further details about the offense were available. Even back in the day, Frank was always the “bad boy” out of the five brothers. Or so it seemed.