Pride Sunday… and Matthew

I was going to avoid the entire Pride Parade this year… too many people. I was going to avoid my McDonald’s too, as it’s situated less than two blocks from the parade route, and last year it was like a zoo in there.

But around 3:00 this afternoon, I just happened to find myself there. I didn’t want a Sunday to go by without seeing Matthew. And sure enough, he was at one of the cash registers behind the counter. The line, surprisingly, was not too long… only one person ahead of me. “May I help you?” Matthew said when it was my turn.

“Hi, I really wasn’t even going to try to make it here today,” I said. “I already ate and drank somewhere else, but I just stopped in to say Hi.”

“Hi,” Matthew replied, smiling, and gave me a dorky little wave. That boy is just so charming.

“But since I’ve taken up space in line, I guess I should order something,” I said. “How much are your apple pies?”

So Matthew knows I made a point of stopping in just to see him. And he seemed very receptive.

Afterward, as I began making my way home, I went right up to the parade route and took in a few minutes of the action in spite of myself. And I found I didn’t even mind the crowds.