Talked to John tonight.

And I found out what he wants from me. He’s been looking at cheap houses in Cleveland — foreclosures, mostly — and is hoping to buy something in the very near future. He’s tired of the situation with the slumlord rental property he’s been living in for the past fifteen years, and he wants out.

When he gets a house, there will be a period of time before he’s able to move out of his rental — maybe a month or two — and he needs someone to housesit for him at the new place, just to make sure it looks “lived in” so nobody comes around and strips the place of plumbing or whatever, and also because he’ll be having gas and lights turned on, and appliances and furniture delivered, and he needs someone there to take care of all that as he has to work all day and doesn’t have much vacation time left, so he likely can’t do it himself.

It’s not that I don’t want to help him… but he wants me to be there for a full month or even two, and I don’t think I can be away from home for that long. For one thing, I need to be here to get prescriptions filled monthly, I have doctor’s appointments I need to keep, and then of course there’s my three-day travel writing workshop coming up the first week in August.

So I haven’t given him a definite answer. If it were only for a week or two, I’d be OK with it, but a month or two? I don’t know.

I am way overdue for a trip to Cleveland… and I also want to be able to get down to Akron and visit my aunt Carol before she passes on…

But I dread being away from my own home for a long period of time, too.

I don’t know why his retired sister, who lives in North Carolina, couldn’t come up and help him out. Yes, she has three cats and four dogs, but she’s got several other relatives living a stone’s throw from her… why can’t they look after the animals while she’s away?

Sigh. I shouldn’t even worry. Knowing John, and how he has a history of making all sorts of “plans” that somehow never manage to come to fruition, it will be a miracle if he actually gets a house anytime soon.

Aside from all this, we did have a pretty good chat. First time in over seven years.

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  1. Perhaps you could offer a few weeks to help out but explain that your schedule is pretty full due to what you just mentioned. By doing that, you’ve at least given something and can visit with your family to boot. If it doesn’t happen then you are not obligated to do anything. Alot of times, the utilities people can schedule according to your schedule, "has to be here on this day because that is the only day there is anyone available". Just a thought…

    Have a good day!

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