Month: June 2011

Chinese Marriage Bed

I so wish I had one of these: The photo is from the sleeve of Stevie Nicks’ debut solo album, Bella Donna, which came out in 1981. I’ve always coveted that bed and that opulent, high-ceilinged room. That’s how I’d really like to live… in grand style.

I took a leap.

Last night I registered for a travel writer’s workshop that will be held this coming August. It’s three days long. I got in right under the wire for the early bird discount, so I saved $300 off the regular price. It’s still going to cost me a pretty penny, though — almost $1,400. At least …

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Just found out that my high school yearbook is now online and I’ve been busy perusing. I guess I should clarify that this is my graduating class from the high school I didn’t graduate from, because of my having switched schools at the start of my senior year. But I’ve been wanting to see it …

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