Month: February 2010

Retirement Luncheon

I did get to attend Silvija’s retirement luncheon today. It was a brunch buffet, really, at the Mill Rose Brewing Company, a restaurant in Hoffman Estates we used to go to as a group every now and then back when we all worked together at an office out there. I hadn’t been to the place …

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Surprising News

Got a call from Silvija today and heard the most surprising news. She retired from her job at the phone company. Turns out she retired back at the end of December, and this is the first I’m hearing about it. I wondered what was up as she’d previously told me she planned to keep working …

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Prince Harry pics

OK, don’t ask me where I found these, because I’m not telling. I have just two questions: Why is Prince Harry wearing pink underwear? And why is the shirtless older man staring at Prince Harry’s crotch?