Feeling blessed.

Had a nice Christmas Day at home with Jim, Joe, and Phillip, plus Jim’s brother Alan who joined us for dinner (we all had gone to Alan’s for Thanksgiving last month). Alan’s wife Sheila and her cousin Jeremy were also supposed to join us, but they backed out for reasons which are not clear to …

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How fragile life is.

I was walking up the hill on Mayfield Road between Little Italy and Coventry Village during the 11:00 hour this morning, when I encountered a squirrel along my path. I spoke to her teasingly as I often do with squirrels: “Whatcha doing? Getting into mischief, no doubt.” She looked at me and then suddenly ran …

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Jeff accepted my friend request.

Even though he says he doesn’t remember me at all. Or maybe he wasn’t being entirely honest about that? That thought did occur to me. We’ll see how it goes. ~~~~~~~~~ Still haven’t seen hide nor hair of James. I’m wondering if maybe he no longer works at that McDonald’s. Wondering what happened to him.

All moved in.

The move went well last Friday. Jim’s friend Steve from Columbus was in town, and he helped us move, so there were four of us. We started in the morning, and were done by 4:00 in the afternoon, although some odds and ends were left behind at the old house, which Joe has been steadily …

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Brief Update

I read my poem “I Belong” at tonight’s poetry reading at the library. I had submitted it to this month’s poetry contest, and all submissions were read tonight. I didn’t win, but one of the other participants told me afterward how much he liked my poem. I enjoyed the other poems I heard tonight, but …

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