Nutrisystem Update

While my scales have been stubborn lately, my inches continue to decrease. I’ve lost a total of 6 inches overall, which is exciting.

I can get into at least one pair of jeans in my closet that I haven’t been able to get into since I don’t remember wehn. The same goes for a couple shirts.

There are several more shirts and pants in my closet I’m looking forward to becoming reacquainted with in the upcoming weeks before I have to start buying new smaller sizes.

Friend Update

Ken is holding his own, but still unable to breath unassisted. It sounds like the doctors are talking about doing a tracheostomy, but he has developed a fever and there is no word as to if that will affect the procedure or not.

Continued prayers will be appreciated.

Prayer/Positive Thought Request

Hubby and I have a friend, Ken, that we have known since 1984. Ken is critically ill and in the hospital. He went to urgent care because he was having difficulty breathing due to a cold. They discovered a massive infection in his neck which has spread to his bloodstream.

He is in ICU, medically paralyzed, a tube draining fluid from his chest and a breathing tube. His doctors have discussed doing a tracheostomy on him in the next few days if his breathing troubles continue.

If you are so inclined, please pray or send positive healing thoughts for my friend Ken.

Of Scales and Shakes

On the Nutrisystem program, there is a protein shake you have in the morning in addition to your breakfast. Hubby likes to eat them both together in one meal, I like to have the shake first and an hour or so later the breakfast. This helps me avoid the mid-morning munchies.

I’m coming to really love the shakes. They are intended to be mixed with water and ice, but I like to put mine through the blender and toss in 5 or 6 frozen blueberries and get all the benefits they offer. I’ve done this with the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes. I haven’t tried the coffee shakes yet as I’m really not a big coffee fan. I’ll have to ask Hubby how he liked them and see if I add them to the next order or not.

As of today, I’m down 14 pounds. 14 pounds in 38 days, not bad! On the average, I’m losing between 2 and 3 pounds a week. I’m still a LONG way from my goal, but every day I’m a little bit closer.

I have to admit, if the food were not as good as it is, I would not have stuck with it this long, and would not continue on it. There is a lot of variety, and most of the food is REALLY good. The meals can be mixed up with vegetables and lean proteins for variety, or to give you a bigger meal if the portion size just isn’t enough for you.

My biggest hope for myself for doing this is to be on the plan long enough that I can break the eating habits I’ve been in for so many years, and learn to eventually fix meals with smart choices and correct portion sizes. I think I’m getting there, as I’m now to the point where I look at the meal and think it looks like enough food. This was definitely not the case in the beginning when I had a “Super-size me” appetite.

Slow and Sure Wins the Race

Still doing NutriSystem, and I’m down 12 pounds. Yay!

The food? Still good. Not a gourmet meal straight out of the box, but the website has suggestions on different ways to prepare them, and some are REALLY good. The Cajun Chicken & Rice is close enough to jambalaya to make my eyes roll in delight, and the Red Beans & Rice is fantastic. There are some scones for breakfast, that are also REALLY-REALLY great.

Hubby is doing well on it also. He’s down about 10 pounds, and 1/3 of the way to his goal.


OK, Hubby and I are just over the two week mark on Nutrisystem, and we’ve both lost weight. I’ve lost 8 pounds and Hubby has lost 7 pounds.

The Sloppy Joes are the only food I don’t like so far.

Hubby has a couple of the breakfasts he’s not thrilled about, and only one dinner (he hasn’t tried the Sloppy Joes yet).

We got the notice today that our next order ships out in a few days, so we are going with another month on the program after this is done.

I thought it would take longer to get past the cravings and hunger of the change in eating. I was surprised that after the first week the cravings were gone, and during the second week I found I wasn’t hungry all the time.

I’m encouraged.


OK, I was wrong about adding stuff to the slopppy joes to make them better. I added yellow, red and orange peppers along with onions, taco seasoning, and extra garlic. It was still the nastiest thing I’ve ever tried.

Fortunately, it’s the only thing I’ve found so far that is that distasteful.

End of Week 1

Tomorrow marks the end of week 1 on Nutrisystem. I haven’t stepped on the scales in a couple days, but as of Monday I had dropped 2 pounds (Hubby had lost 3 pounds as of yesterday).

For the most part, the food is equal to or better than what I’ve expected. Except the sloppy joes.

That being said….

I think if I added some taco seasoning, chopped onions, and chopped green peppers to it (which I’m allowed unlimited amounts of), it would have been better. I have one sloppy joe packet left, I’ll give it a try in a few days.

With the grocery add-ins (fruit, veggies, cheeese sticks, etc.), it’s actually quite a lot of food. I have found myself yesterday and today not feeling hungry all day long as I did the first few days, which is encouraging.

More to come as I progress on the plan.

Just So You Know….

The Sloppy Joes on Nutrisystem are quite possibly the nastiest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth. Bar none.

Fortunately the rest of the food I’ve tried so far varies from “OK” to “Pretty Good”.

Initial Impressions

The Nutrisystem food tastes good, but boy do I have a lot of getting used to the portion sizes. Hubby made the same comment, we figure it will take a week or two to get used the portions.

I’ve warned the kids already that until I get used to the lower daily calorie intake, I will quite likely be cranky. They have been warned to not come near me with chocolate. Or cookies. Or cake. Or Pizza. Or……