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Twilight Zone?

Boy is that what it has felt like for this last year.

It has been educational, finding new ways to shop. Finding new ways to connect. I’m fortunate in that I was a teleworker before all of this, so I did not need to find a new way to work.

Three weeks ago, my Governor asked the state to limit our interaction until December 14. We have made it this far, but need to engage in the interaction with my son and grandson next week due to his living arrangements. I’m not too worried, we have all been very careful, and prior to this recent congregation restriction, had been interacting weekly. Lots of hand washing, masks worn whenever we are all out of the house, and we have all developed an addiction to hand sanitizer which may need a 12-step program when this is all said and done.

I can honestly say I am looking forward to being able to look backwards on this, and for the first time am anxious for the passing of time to get us to that point. The first time since I was in my 20’s that I’m looking forward to any aspect of my getting older.

This is definitely a year for the record books.

Emotional Whiplash

The election aside, this has been a week of emotional ups and downs.

A friend of 40 years was killed in a car crash this week.  He was an amazingly talented musician, and someone who many in my circle of friends have had in our lives since we were kids.  I am heading down to spend the weekend with a friend who took it particularly hard.

Emotional rollercoasters with two of my boys.  One selling his house and moving back up here to get out of debt.  The other struggling to find a job, and getting hired into a temp-to-hire position starting next week.

My 4-year-old grandson had oral surgery this week to correct several dental issues, and thankfully came through it like a champ.  He may not want a popsicle anytime soon… but he is doing well.

I am so ready for the weekend, and this week to be OVER.

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Why is it that, as we grow older, time flies faster? It seems like every time I blink a year or more has passed.

Still working (playing) with computers, the boys (now men) still continue to keep life interesting for our family. Fortunately no longer with philosophical differences of opinions with public schools. Their life dynamics are now many of the usual challenges of adult-hood.

Retirement looms closer and closer, just a few years away now. With retirement will come a move back to our home town. Maybe. I’m a bit resistant as that takes me away from our Grandson.

Thoughts for today? I wonder if the politicians will include topics of substance, or just resort to bad mouthing their opponent? It would be so refreshing for their speeches to have actual content instead of the “nanny-nanny-boo-boo” statements.

OK, back to re-familiarizing myself with the new (OK, it’s not new, I’m just not in here often enough) format.