In the beginning….

I love someone.  My soul mate.  My forever.  Throughout our roller coaster of a relationship and then marriage I never faltered.  I have him EVERYTHING… ALL OF ME.  Wanna know what the problem with that is?  When he left, I had nothing left.  He left me with the house and my car, and the dog… as well as all the bills, all the mess we had to clean up, and a hole in my soul as big as the Grand Canyon.  Too late I learned, never give your all or you will have nothing left.  We divorced 11 years ago and I still have a broken heart.  I can’t move on because I am stuck.  He has certainly moved on. One day maybe I will too.

I am so overwhelmed just from trying to make it.  I finally have a decent paying job, one that I like for the most part and I am becoming financially stable.  But I work, go home, rescue dogs.  That’s it.  I don’t have any real friends.  And I have no desire to get out and do anything.