Month: February 2004

First Potential Issue With Friends Only

In order to successfully authenticate as a friend of a diarist you MUST have cookies enabled for and you MUST make sure that any anti-virus software or personal firewall software does not destroy the contents of that cookie. People using ZoneAlarm should be especially aware of this because ZoneAlarm seems to have something against …

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Database Schema Change

This entry is mostly a test to make sure I can still post new entries… I’ve updated the database schema to begin changes for the ‘friends only’ entries and work has begun on the code changes necessary for the new feature. I hope that it won’t be too ominous and that it’ll all be done …

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Internationalization Support

I have today added more formal support for international people… Most of the world doesn’t speak, or therefore write diaries, in English characters and until now DearDiary.Net has just completely ignored these people’s needs. I have now added rudimentary support for Internationalisation, by way of setting the content type character set. At the moment there …

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Reader Comment Fix

The entry text ‘review’ system that was added a couple of weeks ago didn’t show the entry title nor show more than the first entry if there were more entries. This is now fixed. Steve.