Month: December 2001

Interesting Statistics

rutherford:[~] mysqladmin status Uptime: 15297 Threads: 2 Questions: 464752 Slow queries: 165 Opens: 407 Flush tables: 1 Open tables: 223 Queries per second avg: 30.382 30 queries per second on average over the lifetime of the running process. Which considering 8 hours of it have been reconstructing indices and would count as 0 queries, or …

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Todays Outage

Hi folks, Just to let you all know, todays outage was unrelated to Sunday’s downtime, although, as a result of the fulltext indexes it meant that todays failure was excerbated by the extreme slowness of rebuilding the indexes after a failure. So, what do we learn from this experience to endeavour to ensure it doesn’t …

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Its on the front page. Its the button labelled, Search. If you can’t see it give me a yell and I’ll lend you my glasses 😉 Steve.

Yet Another Virus

Visit Symantec’s web site for more information; As always, if you receive an email with an attachment you DIDNT ASK FOR, then DON’T OPEN IT And make sure your Outlook Express is patched against the MIME vulnerability that allows mails to automatically open attachments. Just for the record, if anyone tries sending the Goner …

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