Late Night Visit


The other night I had some friends over for a visit and as they were all leaving (it was fairly late) we were surprised by a very unusual visitor. One that I have never seen in all my many years living here….

DSC04699 (1)

I wish I could show you a prettier picture of him, but alas, the porch light and the background do not do him justice. Nor do these photos show the grandeur of his size, which was almost as big as my hand!


He looks like he has a royal cloak on and he was covered in fur. Really. He looked like a mammal!

I was lucky enough to find him on Wikipedia….

You never saw four women make such a fuss over this creature. We were gobsmacked.

Now that you know what to look for, you can find a lot of much nicer images on the webs if you care to look them up.