Redheads Rule


In celebration of not being swept away in a deluge after our latest rainstorm, I decided to continue my lessons from The Art of Creative Watercolor by Danielle Donaldson.

This lesson was how to paint what she calls “Littles’.

Here was the example:


I decided it was time that I stopped trying to copy everything just as she had done it and see if I could do something of my own.

So I did….


I’m still struggling to get the nice glazes that she does… those are the second and third layers of color after the original wash. But I have to say, I’m having fun attempting them.

I DID totally swipe her idea of pleats that she recently put on one of her girls on Instagram. I have to be honest about that. I just loved hers which are WAY more the thing… [that’s why she gets the big bucks]. :-)

I just love redheads!








  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    I have to say, I like yours much more than the creations she’s doing at the moment! Go you!

  2. Cheryl F says:

    Oh my, you should have your own book. Absolutely Adorable!

  3. Mamallama says:

    I love redheads, too. :)

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