Are Foxes Green?


I continue to work my way through my art book.

Today it was all about the greens.

[C. …. don’t tease me about it!]

I have more greens in my palette than any other color. It’s embarrassing.

I warmed up with copying a little group of clovers on page 67:

IMG_0333 (1)

Now this may not seem like a big deal… and really it’s not. But what IS a big deal is that I am not tracing her work, I’m trying to do the simple drawings myself. Little tiny practice. :-)

Then, on to the full lesson about this green fox:


I think I’m starting to have fun!








  1. Cute little fox matches the kale.

  2. OMGosh!
    Of, course, I LOVE that green fox!!
    And the clover, too. :)

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