On Task


I am slowly working my way through the Creative Art of Watercolor book by Danielle Donaldson.

I like her quirky style, and I also like that she is making me try some drawing…. not tracing.

This of course results in me not being able to quite duplicate what I’m looking at. I have proportion issues. :-)

Anyway here’s a pile of lesson paintings…


I don’t have many of the colors she uses, so I do the best I can.


I reckon I’ll have plenty of indoor time to pursue more lessons, as the weather people SAY we are supposed to get snow in the next few days. Though they keep promising, and for some reason most of the snow falls elsewhere. We only get the powdered sugar variety.

(You might want to keep your voice down Cupcake. Remember this?)


As a matter of fact I do.

Point taken.

Mumm’s the word.


lime wild







  1. I got a chuckle. I remember that picture. Just make sure you have all the supplies you need and plenty of wood. As for the water colors, I like your chair better!

  2. Love. That. Chair!!!

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