Hello Unreal


My son and daughter-in-law decided to try something new this year by subscribing to a meal kit delivery. I had heard of such things a few years ago and dismissed it as an extravagance.

I looked it up and found out there are MANY such services now. Dinnerly, MarleySpoon, Blue Apron, and SunBasket just to name a few!

However. Hearing them regale me with all the fun they were having in the kitchen, even after a stressful day at work made me curious. They were given a free coupon to allow a newbie like myself to give the whole thing a try.

My three meals arrived a little bit ago via UPS.


Needless to say… I’m just a little giddy.

Living where I do, in the bona fide boonies, this seems miraculous.

Here’s what’s for dinner tonight:


And here are the ingredients:


Just in time for Shabbos dinner!

I have three meals for two, so I will have leftovers each time.

This is a pretty radical thing for someone like me. But I have to say, I think it has possibilities!

Here are my other two [4] meals:




This is going to be fun.

I’ll give you a full report, plus philosophical examination later next week.

(Oh I am SO looking forward to the philosophical part….. ┬áNOT!)

Well, you have several days to gird your punctuals. Gear up!