Straighten Y’er Ego Matey


How fragile our egos.

I wonder what life would be like if it wasn’t thus?

For some really self destructive reason, I have tied my self worth to what comes off my watercolor brush and lands on the paper.

On the positive side, I’m doing my course work.


But as soon as I veer off on my own… wonky things happen.

Part of the purpose of this book is to begin to draw your OWN things and then paint them with the techniques you learn in the book.

I thought I would give that a try.

Early on.

Put my toe in the water.

This was clearly a miscalculation on my part:


There’s a REASON why I have been tracing drawings all this time! ¬†Clearly I don’t have a complete grasp of proportion. :-) Let us not discuss in too much detail the size of this poor creature’s schnozzle.

However. I HAVE begun to learn some very nice ways to get texture with watercolor. I really like that part. And yes I know, most dogs don’t have green heads. But this one does. It’s called ‘artistic license’.

(A very convenient concept to cover up incompetence in my opinion. You obviously don’t even have your learner’s permit, much less a license. I think you better keep the tracing paper handy till then Cupcake. For all our sakes.)

I know.

Either that or I could get the scissors and cut that cord that is tied to my Ego. Set that ship out to sea.

(Sounds dangerous.)


(Oh dear….here we go.)

You can be in charge of the lifeboats.

I’ll be in charge of navigation.

(Hail Britannia!)


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