Well, next time I want to take a hiatus, would somebody sorta try to talk me out of it?


What started out as a ‘sort and adjust’ project for my inner and outer life, turned into a ‘scrap and accelerate to mach 3’ shake down cruise.


I realized that my list of things I wanted to learn and to incorporate into my life had gotten so long and complex that I was paralyzed and intimidated. Because I didn’t know where to start, I ended up spending  wasting enormous amounts of time playing ‘Blossom Blast’ on my Kindle.

This is so embarrassing to admit. But it’s the truth.

So I broke the cycle by breaking up my goals into very small bites. Or bytes to be precise.

I used my Habit Hub app on my phone to plot a course …. and set sail.

Here’s my record so far:


And I don’t cheat either. If I didn’t accomplish that goal, I don’t mark it done. No use lying to yourself now is there? The walking thing is going to get straightened out here pretty soon.

Anyway, I have five more habits I want to adopt over the next five weeks and I’m not dropping any of them. I want these to become life habits.

I also want to up my watercolor skills, and my sister in law helped me out by buying me this book:


I’ve been doing lessons from it as often as I can:


Then I turned my attention to my personal studies. I re-vamped my schedule and posted it near my reading chair. And then in the most serendipitous event of all, I was given an invitation to learn something I never thought I would be able to in this lifetime…


Yeah. Humbling to say the least.

So here’s the thing I want to say about everything that has been happening since embarking in some new directions…. Once you put yourself on a worthy path, more worthy things show up. More doors open in your mind and in the physical world. I have started thinking in new ways, entertaining new possibilities and exploring ways to shake up the status quo.

Yesterday, I found out about a social media place called “MeWe”. I decided to check it out.

Here’s an article about it:

I decided to give it a try and created an account. (It’s free.)

I think it has possibilities. There are NO ads. They don’t mine your information. The interface is cleaner and easier to navigate. I have already joined a couple of groups and am feeling my way around the place. Just thought I would pass it on in case you would like to check it out.

So, that’s the view from Heartwood Cottage today as I watch the last snowfall melt and the next storm move in.

Funny, the horizon seems much broader now.

( I…..)

Sorry (). I’m not giving you the floor today. Sit down. Read a book. Do a crossword. Sort your sock drawer or something, there’s a good fellow. I do not have time for you at the moment. Something wonderful may show up at any moment and I don’t want to miss it.










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