It’s raining!

REAL rain.

Not ‘showers’.


I had to get out my umbrella kind of rain as I had to go out and feed Mr. P.’s horse and S.’s horses and two cats and of course Elvin. He goes into a decline when Mr. P. is gone. He mopes on his little couch and I have to tell him it’s okay to eat his dog food. He’s a funny little dog.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is I finally tested out one of the video settings on my iPhone.

Oh goodness me… I just realized I haven’t given it a name yet! Wow. I’ll have to think that over….

So I’ve been putting out some black oil sunflower seeds for the birds [though I was hoping to entice the squirrels who seem indifferent to them, more’s the pity]. There is this one bird that has an interesting habit of flitting it’s wings and tail every few seconds. This movement is SO fast that I couldn’t really tell what it was actually doing. Today I decided to try and get a slow motion video of it to see what I could make out.

I COULD see what it was doing in the video when I finally got a good one, but the thing that amazed me the most was what happened when it flew up to the lilac branch. See if you can spot what I thought was so charming!

A Spotted Towhee doing it’s thing: