Delinquent But Not Forgotten


My dear friends…

I could TRY to claim ignorance of how so many days have elapsed since I last pecked at the keyboard on these pages, but it would be an insincere bid for the fool’s cap.

I have been spending my geeky energies with my new rectangle of wonder.

And raking leaves.

And trying to keep the garden and what’s left of my perennial flowers watered, as we have not had a drop of rain for so very very long.

Also, there has been quite a bit of moving things about in my house in a fit of OCD fervor to try to arrange things ‘just so’ for the coming months of cold which will keep me inside more than I care to think about. If I’m going to be stuck indoors, I want the indoors to be a place of calm and efficiency. I have enough problems with everything else in the world. But here in my wabi sabi house, I can be a Guardian of the Galaxy. BTW, if you haven’t seen those two movies, you need to make it a priority toot sweet.

My ‘fine tuning’ of my environment finally spilled over to the rectangle of wonder yesterday.

After living with it for a few weeks now, I realized that fishing it out of my purse was becoming a thing of true annoyance. The case it is in is almost the exact shape and size and feel of my checkbook. This would not do. I have discovered in my golden years that I have a pretty low tolerance for frustration. Steps needed to be taken.

I mulled it over for a few days and finally came up with a solution.


N., do you recognize your little charm? :-)


It’s a pretty old school solution to my problem, but in complete harmony with the rest of my life.


I put a leash on my phone/computer/camera/telegraph office/newsreader/video recorder/voice recorder/answering machine rectangle of wonder.

But I still don’t have a puppy.








  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    I keep saying…”OCD is a GOOD quality!”

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