Mega Pixels

I will not lie to you, learning how to use my new phone has been quite the challenge. I’m glad I jumped in now and not two or three years from now.

Of course, I’m one of those people who have to know how EVERYTHING works on a piece of technology, so I am working my way through all the tools and toys on the phone. And thankfully, I DON’T have phone service on it yet. A week from tomorrow, I will get hooked up in that department and have a whole ‘nother layer of things to learn about it.

After watching an excellent tutorial on youtube, I took my first photos with the phone.  I am stunned and amazed at the quality from those miniature lenses.

Yesterday I painted this rabbit that I found on the internet. As usual, I cannot take credit for the drawing.. but the resolution on this photo is astounding:


The only thing I could complain about is that because of the nature of the device itself, you really don’t feel like you are ‘in charge’ when taking a picture. I’m used to the nice heft and grip of my camera, and I am sure I will continue to use it often. The phone gives new meaning to that phrase ‘point and shoot’. It’s a pretty squirrely process that I have in no way mastered yet.

Other philosophical topics are brewing about the phone. I’m waiting for the ones and zeros to settle so I can hopefully discuss them with some coherence.

Oh yes, by the way FutureCat of the Android persuasion…. we shall remain friends. Even if Applecorp might be displeased, I choose my OWN friends thank you very much!!!  :-)