Ever Elusive


The weather people put out these silly ten day forecasts that I in my naivete take as substantial and reliable. So imagine my dismay when the promised rainfall keeps dropping off the edge of ….literally…. their radar and keeps getting moved further and further away into the future in the classic nightmarish tradition.

The only thing about the unending dearth of that miraculous liquid that falls from heaven that makes this waiting period bearable, is that the air is crystal clear, the sky the brightest blue, and the breezes mild and cheerful. Nary a hint of smoke or gloom.

But still.

When it DOES begin to rain, I intend to dance in it.

To distract myself from feeling parched and dry, I cooked up a batch of papers yesterday from a pitifully small selection of plants and leaves that are still with us. Certain subtle changes are happening. I realized that since I only started practicing this art on the first day of August, I missed out on an entire Spring season of possible plants and flowers that I could have experimented with. It will be a long cold wait till I can start that adventure.

In the meantime… it’s a ‘farewell to fall’ bundle:





I found one plant I hadn’t been able to try because no one I knew had them growing in their garden… Nasturtiums. The leaves and flower are on the right side of this paper… I sorta swiped it from a plant that was growing in a planter downtown. I may one of these days get arrested as a plant thief. And my only defense will be to pass out eco dyed papers to the jury. After that, I don’t think anyone would convict me. But you never know… they might not have the same effect on everyone.


All my morning glories are gone, but I found a handful of them still alive in S’s garden. I’m going to miss them.


I was bemoaning the lack of colorful blooms to S. and she says that come winter, the TRUE creativity will have to come out.

I guess we’ll see what I’m made of soon enough.

There’s a persistent breeze today and the leaves are falling like mad. I wish they were raindrops instead.










  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Sobbing in Lake of the Pines….

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