Work AND Play


Stacking wood, raking up a shocking number of acorns that fell this year, and cleaning up the garden are all things that demand my attention and energy right now.

But I decided to work in a batch of papers as creative relief yesterday.

Oh, wood got stacked, some of the acorns got raked, but I also had some fun.

This is how it starts:


This was a modest gathering of plants and flowers. Things are dying all round, and I feel the urgency to preserve them while I can. Though there is a marked difference in the intensity of some of the colors now. The leaves and some of the plants are just plain tired. A fair number of the papers in this batch were lackluster. Pale imitations of their former glory.

But there were a few pleasing results….






I included a long vine that was attached to this morning glory, and the blue followed the stem around the paper… that was an unexpected but happy result…



This one is just a tad on the scary side….DSC05673

And here is my favorite of the entire batch… lilac leaves that had turned burgundy/green/yellow on the plant that grows in the chicken run:


The only thing is…. now all I’m left with is wood to stack, acorns to rake and a garden to clean up.

Play time is over….


For now. :-)