Wood, Frames, and Lazy Deer


It’s been a bit of difficult year for obtaining firewood. Not that it has all burned up in the fires… though you might be tempted to think so… but that so many people have been busy FIGHTING the fires, and then being kept OUT of the forest because of fires, that the usual pickup loads of wood parked down by the grocery store have been scarce as hen’s teeth.

Speaking of hens… or the lack thereof, here’s the current state of the sunny part of the chicken run with its new crop of grass and clover that I planted:


A close up…


I almost feel like I have a REAL field now. I’m very curious how this will do over the winter.

Anyway… wood. Because S. has a sharp eye for these things, she spotted a load of wood in town and told me about it and it ended up by the barn in no time at all, and then next day, the guy brought me another load. I think I am pretty well set for the winter, though more is always nice, so I’ll be on the lookout.

In the meantime, I am in no doubt as to what to do with my ‘spare’ time!


I made a good start today. Mr. P is helping by splitting up some of the huge pieces that came in one of the loads. He makes it look so easy. I’m terrible at splitting wood. But I sure know how to stack it:


I was hoping to do a dye pot today, but because I’m a responsible person, I worked wood instead.

Yesterday I DID get the chance to play around with some of my papers and put them in frames that I found at the second hand store. I was particularly happy to salvage one paper that had a tear in it and couldn’t be put in one of the big frames. I chose the prettiest part of the print and saved it.




I think I’m finished with wood for today, but the spent garden awaits my attention, so this afternoon I’ll go out there and see what I can do. No time for lounging around like the deer…

Look what I saw first thing this morning:


I guess she likes the view from that spot as much as I do!  :-)









  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    That amount of wood makes me nervous!
    Wow! Go you!

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