I installed my little eco dyed booklet into its home yesterday:



My traveler’s notebook/office/happy place.

In the handmade journal and dayplanner world, my notebook has now officially entered what’s called the ‘chunky monkey’ category.


It’s FULL.

I’m so happy to have that insert in a safe and portable place so I can share it if the opportunity arises.

(NORMAL people have little folders with pictures of their grandchildren in them for such occasions Dill Weed. What’s wrong with you?)

Well, as you have pointed out so many….. many times,  I am sub par in the ‘normal’ department. So I’m just going to run with it.

Here’s a few pages…. in situ…. as they say.








In every batch of papers I dye, there’s always one thing that just makes my heart sing… this time it was the lilac leaves.


The complexity and colors just push all my happy buttons.


I’ve come back around to the analogy that this art form is the closest I’ve ever gotten to understanding the obsession that people have with alchemy. Transformative processes that reveal new aspects of elemental things. How can you not be changed by it yourself?

I’m sure I don’t know.

Besides that, in our virtual and digital world today, there is something so satisfyingly primal, earthy, and so very tactile about doing this craft that ‘wakes up’ things that may have gone a little dormant. Even for me…. the girl with leaves and twigs in her hair half the time. :-)

And it has reinforced one aspect of my philosophy of life:

Never stop learning new things!


lime wild