Something About A Horse


After my recent…’ less than stellar ‘ batch of dyed papers, I was entertaining the idea that I had just been experiencing beginner’s luck, and that it had finally run out.

Well, you know that old saying about getting back on the horse that threw you off?

I decided to heed that advice.

And as a matter of fact, I raised the bar up a couple of clicks, because last night I had an idea….

I made a sewn signature of eight pieces of computer paper with a cardstock cover.

This makes a little booklet.

Then I stacked my plants into this booklet and put it in the dye pot. And for two hours pretended that I didn’t know anything about the bubbling cauldron on my stove.

Magic ensued.

Here’s the whole thing….




DSC05572 DSC05571 DSC05570 DSC05569 DSC05568 DSC05567 DSC05566 DSC05565 DSC05564 DSC05563 DSC05562 DSC05561 DSC05560


I am firmly back in the saddle.

Alexa is playing Gene Autry for me right now. :-)