I cooked up another batch of papers today.

I noticed a change.

Now it could be my technique was off, or I didn’t use some of my usual plants, or some other variable, but this batch was not exactly stellar.

I have a theory. It’s possible that as fall approaches and the plants themselves are ‘tired’, they are not giving off as much color as before. It certainly is evident in my garden. Many plants are just worn out. Even though they are getting enough water, they just are giving up for the year. This overall condition may have affected my dye pot today.

However…. amongst the disappointment, I found some amazing things….

Here is a paper with birch leaves that were much prettier a month ago…


As I was examining the papers, I happened to hold it up to the desk light as I was putting it in the stack to my left… and I saw this….


It’s like a whole ‘nother thing. Like a transparency. Pretty cool I thought.


It finally happened. Something that my mother worries about all the time…. what if BOTH sides of a paper are made of awesome? What are you going to do?

I don’t know…

Here’s side one:


And side two:


I have no idea what I’ll do about this problem.

Even though there were very few show stoppers in this batch, there WERE a few amazing gems in odd corners:


The humble Batchelor Button.

Here’s a greeting card that turned out very subtle:


But that Aster in the corner???


Lord have mercy.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m a little discouraged.

But I know I’ll be okay. Because when I went down to the store for some buttermilk, I caught sight of the Black Eyed Susans in the library parking lot and immediately wanted to pick them and bring them home to ¬†add to a dye pot.

All will be well.

Even if I have to be content with almost microscopic wonders on the papers.

Sometimes it’s the little things….

Like today.







  1. There is beauty in everything.
    Even subtleness. :)

  2. Cheryl Taylor says:

    These are very pretty!

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