A Line By Any Other Name….


It is said that when the Holy One decided to create creation, the second thing He did was draw a line. I won’t go into the first thing He did, because the Rabbis have written volumes on that first thing and I am in no position to expound upon it here.

But the principle of the second thing in Creation is dovetailing right into Heartwood Cottage today. And it sort of took me by surprise.

Drawing a line is a big deal. Making a delineation changes things. It makes a space for completely new perceptions. Depth, height, width, and if you are prepared to go into higher dimensions, hypercubes, tesseracts, and holography.

A little fractal of that took place on my kitchen table just now.

I went down to S’s house and borrowed a few framing mats this morning.

And after their application, my papers just went into hyperspace.

(You REALLY need to get a grip on your tendency toward hyperbole Cupcake. It will be your undoing.)

That may be.

But I’ll have these to keep me company:










Do you see the principle at work here?

I admit that I was not quite prepared for the transformation until I saw it for myself.

This is your quantum physics lesson for the day.

Brought to you by the Creator of the first Line.

(And the Dill Weed in the boonies who needs to get a grip on herself.)

You sir, most obviously do not have a poet’s soul.

(I never cared for those blousy sleeves. Not a good look for me.)