Is There A Horse Hitched To This Wagon?

If so, it should be wearing a garland of leaves and flowers…. and weeds. :-)

I have begun to measure my days by how many it will be till I do another dye pot.

I figure there won’t be time for another one till next Thursday.

There really are fall chores to take care of around here outdoors and play time is going to have to take a back seat for a while.

So it’s a very good thing that today’s efforts were so rewarding.

Here they are in no particular order….

The fronts and backs of flowering plum tree leaves and in the upper left is a weed my brother dug up for me this morning. It looks like a flower!



I cut up some card stock and put it on some of the bigger papers and I love how it makes a window box effect. Those dark flowers are from a common weed that grows all over the place this time of year.. Tar Weed.


The secret life of ordinary clover:


A close up of a Black Eyed Susan with a clover friend:


Someone at the clinic saw me snipping a couple of branches off their trees and she told me this is Black Lace Leaf Elderberry. I think it has another name, but we’ll go with that till I can find out for sure… those are the berries and I threw in a morning glory just for fun.


I have a very soft spot for the Chamomile…


Steam Punk Eco Dying….


This is the darker version of the first paper in this post. One is on computer paper, the other on the high quality card stock:


Toward the end of the bundle of papers, I tend to pile on a little of everything I have gathered, just to see what happens. This was the result:


I have decided that one way to look at these prints is that they are like color X-rays of plants. They often have the ghost like quality of an X-ray with an aura of flowing colors. I just can’t get over the mysterious nature of ….. Nature.







  1. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Gosh…this is a new batch!

    Very pretty!

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