Number 13


This was my kitchen this morning…. pre-boil:


S. let me harvest the remainder of her Sea Oats after she took what she wanted from the plant. The plants in the can came from foraging with my mom on the way home from a shopping trip yesterday. This does not show the plants I pinched from the library parking lot… and the ones I gathered in my own yard and garden.

I’m sorry if this is getting repetitive, but I honestly want to keep a record of this learning curve…

I’ve become very fond of these sage and olive papers that are coming out lately.


I decided to make some tags in this batch and this is the effect I get on the spacer papers:


Japanese Maples from my mom’s tree:


I picked what I think is sage yesterday. That’s the orange/gold in the lower left. I have to ask S. She’s my source of plant identification around here.


I tried my hand at a ‘scene’ in this one. [I’m under the influence of S. who has a desire to ‘arrange’ plants.] I thought I would pretend to be her today:


This is the Tree of Heaven that I snipped at the library, along with a blossom in the middle there:


A tree that grows by our clinic in town with it’s berries:


And here’s a paper that was the last on the bundle. I sort of tossed all the leftover bits onto it:


I think it’s my favorite. :-)

And here are the tags:



Sort of like me.

Close up to show wonder:



A lot of the black in these papers came from two sources. I picked some choke cherries by the side of the road and of course could not put anything that hard and big on the paper, so I slipped the skins off and put those on. The color was so intense, it bled through three layers of paper in places. The other dark thing were regular Black Eyed Susan flowers. [Not the vines that I have which have tiny flowers.]

I have to say that I think I am going to take a little break from dying…. at least for several days. I feel a little crazed. In a happy way mind you, but I have work to do around here! Fall is coming, praise be to God, and I need to start preparing for winter.

(I give it three days, and she’ll be back at it. Anyone want to place a wager?)

I heard that.