Point of No Return


Today I talked to my son A. and his wife T. today on FaceTime. I had to stop part way through and take out my latest papers from the dye pot.

I told them my house smelled kinda funny after two hours of simmering a lot of plant matter in alum infused water with rusty horseshoes and nails.

I concluded that the whole concoction smelled like “boiled garden”.

But oh my dear friends… I’m about to lose my mind. Because it seems that each batch just gets more and more beautiful.

I think I have found the best paper so far for this process. I bought something called ‘presentation paper’ which is very nice quality card stock. It shows the most amazing sharp details from the plants. I also use high end computer paper as divider papers which are in a whole realm of their own…

I’m just amazed.

No more commentary.

Just eye candy.













This last one shows clearly, leaves that I gathered in a parking lot while shopping the other day. S. informs me that it is a Honey Locust. I call it Divine Leafage. :-)

Of course you know what all this success is going to do to me. I’m plotting my next bundle of plants and paper. You do realize how many plants there are in the world. And I’ve only touched the surface of my own back yard…..

(I do not condone plant gathering trips further afield than you can drive in one day.)

And here I was, dreaming about exotic flowers that only grow in Patagonia….


lime wild







  1. Unbelievable

  2. Cheryl Taylor says:

    Oh. My. Heavens!

    That third one down blows me away!

    The detail…and colors. Just WOW!

  3. Stunning

  4. Mamallama says:

    Oh my!
    The clarity!!
    Amazing what a different paper will make.

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