Put To Use


A little while ago, I decided to splurge a bit and bought a CocoaDaisy dayplanner kit. They came out with one with owls and moons and I could not resist. This time I ordered a size that would fit my traveler’s notebook that my friend G. made for me.

I decided to take the opportunity to re-do the whole interior. I took everything out and put neatsfoot oil on the leather…


I also used this as an excuse to use some of my eco printed papers. I made a small insert with some Tomoe River paper I had on hand.


I also made myself some pocket folders with the CocoaDaisy dashboards that came with the kit.


I love how the little booklet came out.


I covered one of my other inserts with a scrap of my own paper…


I’m in love with how these things look in an actual project!

It was very rewarding to refurbish a book that I use almost every day.

Here it is, ready to go traveling with me. :-)


This project is how I managed to keep from cooking up a new batch of papers today.

But I have plans for Sunday, never you fear.

(I was NOT afraid.)

Of course you weren’t!