With Permission….


These are S.’s first papers…

She chose to layer the plant material freely.

It made for some dramatic results.

The first experiment either of us tried with dried pine needles…


Tickseed, morning glories and various other plants…



Rose petals and fern….

IMG_1951 IMG_1952

More pine needles:


I really like this one…so much energy!


And finally, the most mysterious and fantastical. We thought of the back of the Wardrobe into Narnia on this one…


Just shows you the different things that can be done. I loved seeing what her techniques produced.

It was really fun to do it together. It was a high energy day!

I have an new batch myself. I’ll try to get the pictures up tomorrow. And I have plans for actually USING some of the papers in a project.

(What a concept.)

I know!!!  :-)