Don’t Judge


I can’t stop.

Today I wanted to add more flowers than leaves to the dye pot. As I realized, fresh flowers are going to be a thing of the past as we move toward fall.

Black Eyed Susan vine, Tickseed flowers and leaves [upper right], Coreopsis flower lower left, sweet pea lower right….


Snapdragon, Japanese maple, Smoke Tree blossoms:


This is still damp, so is still quite bright in color, it will tone down a bit when dry…but Tickseed gives off an amazing orange!


Black Eyed Susan and Japanese maple:


Japanese maple, marigold petals and this nondescript weed that grows in the driveway. I don’t know the name of it:



Walnut [the dark brown thing] Sweet pea, and chamomile:


The ever amazing walnut and a tickseed.:


So here’s the thing… I have run through most of my stash of paper. And I’ve been to the second hand store to raid her stacks. I can see myself going door to door soon begging for people’s unwanted paper to feed my addiction. I promise not to turn to a life of crime however. I don’t think they would let me cook this stuff up in prison. So I’ll stay on the straight and narrow…. and probably spend all my allowance on card stock and envelopes!  :-)